As The Fidget Spinner Turns: Hannah Epstein & Jenson Leonard

As the Fidget Spinner Turns is a two-person exhibition by neo-folk artist Hannah Epstein (AKA hanski) and meme artist/poet Jenson Leonard (Cory in the Abyss,) at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh. Through mock sculpture, projection, and the traditional craft of rug hooking, both artists explore virtual and physical realities touching on subject matter ranging from Japanese Hentai… Continue reading As The Fidget Spinner Turns: Hannah Epstein & Jenson Leonard

Unidentified Pittsburgh

Unidentified Pittsburgh explores the Pittsburgh Photographic Library to find images that lack descriptive information (names, dates, locations, etc.). Through these unknown photographers’ lenses, an unfamiliar and surreal view of the city is revealed. "The Pittsburgh Photographic Library (PPL) is a collection of historic images documenting life in the Pittsburgh area. A project of the Allegheny… Continue reading Unidentified Pittsburgh