Review / Ephemeral: Sara Catapano and Hannah Pierce at Boxheart Gallery

There are many balancing acts at play in the two-person show Ephemeral, by Sara Catapano and Hannah Pierce.

Growth and decay, nature versus man, vice and virtue, death and birth. Even physically, Catapano’s and Pierce’s sculptures seem to twist and pull apart from each other in complicated compositions. It is this tension that unites the two artists, and transforms the gallery into a dystopian landscape.

Catapano’s sculptures appear to be simultaneously dying and growing at the same time, not unlike the ways a virus spreads.

“I’m really fascinated with the gestation process of animals and plants, but what’s even more so, or equally as fascinating, is watching these seemingly important entities degrade and rot back into nothingness,” says Catapano. “It’s a cyclical system of the earth that I think humans have a hard time seeing themselves in the process, but we’re just a step in the cycle, too.”

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