Interview / LIKELIKE

Born out of the need to exhibit playable artwork without the baggage of 80s arcade structures or nerdy conventions settings, LIKELIKE popped up last February in Paolo Pedercini (executive director) and Tenley Schmida’s (reluctant director) garage in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Since its conception, LIKELIKE has hosted four group exhibitions which have dealt… Continue reading Interview / LIKELIKE

Interview / Eric Anthony Berdis at Bunker Projects

Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci invented the Bedazzler? It’s true. Sometime around the later half of the 15th Century, Da Vinci drafted a machine that punched out small discs of metal with holes in the middle, aka sequins, to be adorned to clothing. While the machine only existed as a sketch (and technically not really… Continue reading Interview / Eric Anthony Berdis at Bunker Projects

Interview / Ingrid Schaffner

Ingrid Schaffner, born in Pittsburgh and previously chief curator of The Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, has returned to take on the Carnegie International, CMOA’s – and Pittsburgh’s – signature and most exciting exhibition of contemporary art. Dating back to 1896, the exhibition is the second oldest survey of international contemporary art in the world. After three years of… Continue reading Interview / Ingrid Schaffner