Ten Futures

Ten Futures finds its theme perched between the science fiction genre and the futures unfolding around us in real time. Through drawings, photographs, video, sculptures, short stories, and a video game, the artists in the exhibition daydream, fear for, and build their own imagined worlds. The term science fiction can be defined simply be reversing… Continue reading Ten Futures


Essay / The Big Rip

In the last year or so, I lost my grandmother, my grandfather, moved, quit a job, quit another job and tried to stop smoking at least five times. No one living today is an expert on what comes after death; however, we can all relate to when someone, something or somewhere ends. We’ve anticipated the… Continue reading Essay / The Big Rip

Interview / LIKELIKE

Born out of the need to exhibit playable artwork without the baggage of 80s arcade structures or nerdy conventions settings, LIKELIKE popped up last February in Paolo Pedercini (executive director) and Tenley Schmida’s (reluctant director) garage in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Since its conception, LIKELIKE has hosted four group exhibitions which have dealt… Continue reading Interview / LIKELIKE

News / PULLPROOF Studio aims to provide printmaking tools to the Pittsburgh arts community

Makerspaces are places one can go to use tools that are otherwise inaccessible or unaffordable. Oftentimes, these tools are critical in the development of an artist’s practice. No one knows this better than Charlie Barber, Christina Lee, Aaron Regal, Anna Shepperson and Matt Van Asselt, the artist lead team behind PULLPROOF Studio, an in-progress printmaking… Continue reading News / PULLPROOF Studio aims to provide printmaking tools to the Pittsburgh arts community