The End

The End is a group exhibition of AAP (Associated Artists of Pittsburgh) artists who reflect on ideas of when something ends, stops, or ceases to exist. Endings — be it the end of a movie, the waking from a bad dream, a breakup, or even death itself — have proven to be a captivating subject matter for artists for as long as humans have lived. On any given day, we must face closings, climaxes, and culminations of varying degrees, often with the attitude to forget, “move on,” or flat-out ignore.

Rather than pressing onward, the selected artists ruminate in their ends and explore themes of loss, fear, closure, mourning, erosion, gentrification, resurrection, and the unknown. By facing these complicated and often times dark subjects, the works in The End intertwine to create an anthology of endings that simultaneously define and defy what it means for something to come to a close.

Artists: John Belue, Zachary Brown, Kathleen Kase Burk, Seth Clark, Tyler Gaston, Gil Gorski, Seth LeDonne, Adam Linn, Tracey Parker, Aaron Regal, David Stanger, Su Su, Zachariah Szabo, Lauren Wilcox, William D. Wade

Opening Reception: October 4th, 7 – 9:30pm
Show runs: October 4th – 27th* Extended through November 17th
FrameHouse: 100 43rd St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Read the accompanying essay, The Big Rip.


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